Y3 & 4 - Maths - Noah's Ark - Reasoning and Problem Solving - Wednesday 21st March 2018

£ 35.00

Year 3 and 4

Date:                    Wednesday 21st March 2018,  10am - 4pm

Venue:                  Kenn Centre, Exeter Road, Exeter

Tutor:                   Debi Lomax

Price:                   £35

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Course Description

Problem solving and reasoning about number will be the focus of this day based on the theme of Noah's ark. Pupils will investiage number problems and variables involving animals and how many different combinations of animals could be entering Noah and Mrs Noah's Ark. Pupils will begin to develop algebraic reasoning and learn the lanaguage of maths. During the day pupils will be expected to work alone and in group contexts, they will undertake a rage of diffrent mathematical problems that will engage them in higher order thinking skills, such as reasoning, proof, conjecture. Pupils will communicate their findings verbally and in written and graphical form. This day is for those pupils who enjoy the success of working at a challenging level to successfully solves problems. If you have great determination and perserverence and love getting your teeth into a hearty problem then this is the course for you!

 Course Tutor:

Debi Lomax: Lecturer in Primary Maths Education, University of Plymouth.